Élise Vigneron



Director, puppeteer, visual artist

« By highlighting the fragility and metamorphosis of matter, by bringing bodies and pictures to life, I invite the audience to participate in a sensitive experience, and to enter the metaphoric language of a silent theatre. » Elise Vigneron

Elise Vigneron graduated in plastic arts and attended drama classes. At the same time, she unremittingly followed circus training courses. She got a diploma at the ESNAM (École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette, Charleville-Mézières) in 2005.

Her interest in transversal forms led her to work with different artists : puppeteers, dancers, writers, visual artists, circus artists, musicians.

She works with the puppeteer Aurélie Morin and the company “Théâtre de Nuit” on shows such as “Perpetuum Mobile” in 2005, “Mystoires” in 2007 and “La Loba” in 2011. She collaborated, as director and pupetteer with the chinese choreographer Gang Peng on a Hip Hop danse show called “Sur le Fil” (Suresnes Danse 2007). She, then, made the scenography for the show “L’Intruse” from Maurice Maeterlinck (Festival international de la Marionnette in Tournai 2006).

Supported from 2008 to 2011 from the Vélo Théâtre – Object Theatre in Apt (France), she created a solo TRAVERSEES, ambulatory theatre created to invest spaces undedicated to theatre, freely inspired by “Seuils” from Patrick Kerman. This show marks the first step of a visual writing involving both, natural elements and disturbing images. Its creation in Festival Mondial des Théâtres de marionnette à Charleville-Mézières immediately led to an international diffusion. Elise Vigneron created the THÉÂTRE DE L’ENTROUVERT  in January 2010. Traversée receved the price for innovative  performance in the international festival of puppet in Lleida (Spain).

«Traversées/Fragments» is a short form created in May 2011 together with muscians Emilie Lesbros (song) and Pascal Charrier (guitar).

IMPERMANENCE is created in 2013 together wth Eleonora Gimenez (equilibrist and dancer) about poems written by Tarjei Versaas. It is along this Novergian work that her work on unstable, ephemerial elements has started, such as her work on ice.

From 2014 – 2017 she is an associated artist with Espace Jéliote in Oloron Sainte-Marie (France).

From 2015 to 2020 she is accompanied by Les Théâtres, directing by Dominique Bluzet in Marseille and Aix-en-Provence (France).

In ANYWHERE, a play freely inspired by Henry Bauchau’s novel « Œdipe sur la route », Elise Vigneron, in collaboration with Hélène Barreau, carries on her research on the transformation of ice, from the solid to the vapour state, staging an ice puppet representing Œdipus. This show receives the Henry Bauchau Price dedicated by the jury member of the Universty of Louvain-La-Neuve (Belgium) in 2018, as well as the Major Price in Ostrava during the international festival of puppet in 2017 (Tcheq Republic).

L’ENFANT (creation in November 2018) is an immersive form adpated from The Death of Tintagiles from Maurice Maeterlinck which conduct the onlooker through a labyrinthine space and animated elements to participate physically and from the inside.

From time to time, she multiplied the collaborations wth artists and researchers from different fields : Stéphanie Farison and Julie Denisse, actress, Argyro Chioti, director, Manon Worms, Benoît Vreux and Eloi Recoing playwrights, Pascal Charrier, Emilie Lesbros, Julien Tamieiser, Sylvain Darrfourq, Robin Fincker, musicians, Eleonora Gimenez, Marion Collé circassians, Hélène Barreau, Arnaud Louskipane, Uta Gebert, Sarah Lascar, pupetteers, Anne Charrier and Maurine Montagnat scientists.

She co-created in collaboration with the dancer Anne Nguyen “Axis Mundi” which was presented for “Vive le Sujet!” (SACD/festival d’Avignon) in Avignon in July 2019.

In 2019, she is granted by the International institut of puppetry art through the Award of Creation / Experimentation.

While pursuing her artistic research, in collaboration with national and international cultural structures, Elise Vigneron transmits her skills through theatre labs, training courses, and workshops. She has been working since 2017 with theater students from Aix en Provence University through puppetry art workshops.