Élise Vigneron



Puppeteer, Visual Artist

« By highlighting the fragility and metamorphosis of matter, by bringing bodies and pictures to life, I invite the audience to participate in a sensitive experience, and to enter the metaphoric language of a silent theatre. » Elise Vigneron

Elise Vigneron graduated in plastic arts and attended drama classes. At the same time, she unremittingly followed circus training courses. She got a diploma at the ESNAM (École Supérieure Nationale des Arts de la Marionnette, Charleville-Mézières) in 2005. Her interest in transversal forms led her to work with different artists : puppeteers, dancers, writers, visual artists, circus artists, musicians.

She works with the puppeteer Aurélie Morin and the company Théâtre de Nuit, with the chinese choreographer Gang Peng, the playwright and actress Stéphanie Farison, with the musicians Pascal Charrier, Emilie Lesbros, and Julien Tamisier. Nourished by these various experiences, she created in 2008 the company Théâtre de l’Entrouvert and a solo show, «Traversées». «Traversées/Fragments» is a short form created in May 2011 together with Emilie Lesbros and Pascal Charrier. Her endeavour is enshrined in the desire to propose innovative and multidisciplinary forms exploring unknown territories. «Impermanence» was created in January 2013.
In ANYWHERE, a play freely inspired by Henry Bauchau’novel « Œdipe sur la route », Elise Vigneron, accompanied by Hélène Barreau, carries on her research on the transformation of ice, from the solid to the vapour state, staging an ice puppet representing Œdipus. The handling of fluids, which takes a central place in the scenography, exasperate Œdipus’ metamorphosis and encourages the spectator to be one with it.

While pursuing her artistic research, in collaboration with cultural structures, Elise Vigneron transmits her skills through theatre labs, training courses, and workshops. She works with theater students at Aix en Provence University through puppetry art workshops.

Elise Vigneron is an « artiste accompagnée », which means she is accompanied by Les Théâtres in Aix and Marseille /Theaters directed by Dominique Bluzet).
The company is associated to the Espace Jéliote in Oloron Sainte Marie / a subsidised puppet theatre in Piémont-Oloronais (France).
Jéliote in Oloron Sainte Marie / a subsidised puppet theatre in Piémont-Oloronais (France).