For puppet of ice and animated elements
For all ages over ten
During of the show : 50 mn
English and Korean versions exist for this show.

ANYWHERE traces with gentleness and strength a poetic journey, in black and white, of fire and ice, which speaks to us about our bodies, our fragilities, our wanderings in the infinite circle of renewal. Freely inspired by the novel ‘Oedipus on the road’ by Henry Bauchau ANYWHERE evokes the long wandering of Oedipus accompanied by his daughter Antigone. The fallen Oedipus appears in the form of an ice puppet that gradually turns into water then into mist and disappears in the Erynian Forest, the place of clairvoyance. The inner evolution of this mystical character is in the image of the metamorphosis of water. The spectator is invited to live an experience: to be one with the transformed material.

Anywhere won the Award of the Vice major of the city of Ostrava in October 2018.
Anywhere won the Bauchau Price in 2017.


“Everyone will eventually have to recall the itinerary of their dreams and draw up in heaven and on earth the unknown route which corresponds to their inner image.”
Henry Bauchau

Anywhere, jeu avec une marionnette de glace

Arte’s 13h newspaper / Documentary about ANYWHERE


Interview of Elise Vigneron / Les carnets de la création by Aude Lavigne –16 march 2016

“What is fascinating in this show is its slow pace, its captivating beauty, the delicate handling of materials and shadowy light, its poetical and cruel strength. This is true art!”
Article Télérama by Thierry Voisin – March 2016

“Anywhere combines the elegance and modesty of a haiku, this short codified poem of Japanese traditional form, sketching inner landscapes.”
Article la Provence by Isabelle Appy – February 2016

“Anywhere, the glacial complex”
New paper Libération Interview of Elise Vigneron and Hélène Barreau by Frédérique Roussel – March 2016

© Vincent Beaume  © Alesia Conti


Conception, scenography Elise Vigneron
Extracts of “Oedipe sur la route” by Henry Bauchau 

With Elise Vigneron and Hélène Barreau or Sarah Lascar 
Staging Elise Vigneron and Hélène Barreau 

Dramaturgy Benoît Vreux
External advice Uta Gebert
Work of movement Eleonora Gimenez
Lighting and sound manager Cyril Monteil or Thibaut Boislève
Stage manager Corentin Abeille
Music Pascal Charrier (Guitar), Sylvain Darrifourcq (Drum), Robin Fincker (Saxophon), Julien Tamisier (Keyboard), Franck Lamiot (sound).
Puppet Construction Hélène Barreau
Construction Messaoud Fehrat and Cyril Monteil
Fluid Messaoud Fehrat, Benoît Fincker
Technical research Boualeme Bengueddach
Administration, production, communicationLola Goret, Julie Le Corre
Voice for english version Pearl Manifold

Gratitudes to l’atelier de construction de décors du Service des Arts de la Scène d’Hainaut / La Fabrique de Théâtre, Manuel Gomez Mendina, Cécile Ratet, Arnaud Louskipane, Stéphanie St Cyr Lariflette, Sarah Lascar, Pascale Bongiovanni









Production Théâtre de l’Entrouvert Coproductions \ Espace Jéliote in Oloron-Sainte-Marie / Scène conventionnée «art de la marionnette» Communauté de Communes Piemont Oloronais (64), \ Théâtre Gymnase-Bernardines in Marseille (13), \ TJP Centre dramatique National d’Alsace in Strasbourg (67), \ Théâtre Durance in Château-Arnoux (04) \ 3bisf-lieu d’arts contemporains in Aix-en-Provence (13) \ International festival of puppets in Charleville-Mézières (08)

Soutiens \ La Fabrique de Théâtre in Mons / Belgium \ Arts vivants en Vaucluse / Auditorium Jean Moulin (84) \ Pôle de création Le Phare à Vent (84)

The creation d’ANYWHERE has received support from the town Apt, the Conseil général of Vaucluse, the DRAC and the région Provence Alpes Côte d’Azur, the SPEDIDAM.


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Technical Sheet