The artistic approach of the Théâtre de l’Entrouvert is characterised by a particular way of addressing theatre performances, especially the phase of creation, with a more comprehensive vision, completed by moments of experimentation and discussion with the audience. These moments of sharing are reinvented according to each project, each audience, and each collaborator. They can take different forms : artistic labs, workshops, gatherings, master classes…
Their content is always linked to the artistic research carried on by the company around the animation of matter, body, pictures, and shadows.

WORK SHOP  2017- 2018

- SPAF, Séoul Performings Arts Festival at Séoul (Korea)
Workshop by Using Contemporary Puppets
– 10.14Sat11:00
Venue Arko Arts Theater Studio Darak in Séoul

University of Aix en Provence (13) / Theater Deust
Puppet Workshop
– From Monday 12 to Friday 16 March 2018
– From Monday 2 to Thursday 5 April 2018
– Saturday 7 April 2018

-Théâtre Dunois, scène conventionnée at Paris (75)
– November 2017