Animated materials,
immersiv form

STAGE Creation november 2018
in-situ creation february 2019

English translated
All ages from 14
Duration 50 min

The «infant», from the Latin Infans, meaning «not having the faculty of speech», sits between worlds. He makes no distinction between the real and the imaginary, life and death.

L’enfant, (The Child) plunges us physically and substantially into the mystery at the heart of La mort de Tintagiles (The Death of Tintagiles), a play written by Maurice Maeterlinck in the late 19th century. Still very much engulfed in his immateriality.
Labyrinthine spaces, ephemeral scenographies, animated figures, sound vibrations, are elements that immerse us in a world of continuous uprising, which reflects the inner reality of Ygraine, inviting the spectator to follow the character’s initiatory route.
The unexpected return of the infant, Tintagiles, to the devastated island strikes both joy and fear into the heart of his sister, Ygraine. Responding to the threat of an invisible soul-devourer queen, Ygraine engages in a rebellion. Overthrowing the established order, breaking down borders, she finally penetrates a world that the living cannot enter, eager to catch a glimpse of the infinite realm of shadows.

Ygraine is the only one who can penetrate where the living do not penetrate, to cross the forbidden line, beyond the last step. She is the only one who can communicate with the child ready to be absorbed by the destructive force of darkness, but also ready to pass, so small, through the widened slit to be reborn after this passage in the domain of shadows.
Claude Régy


Text The Death of Tintagiles from Maurice Mæterlinck (Adaptation)
Directing Élise Vigneron
With Julie Denisse alternating with Stéphanie Farison (actors), Sarah Lascar alternating with Hélène Barreau (puppetteer) and Elise Vigneron (manipulations)
Light creation Aurélien Beylier
Dramaturgy Manon Worms
Actor direction Argyro Chioti
Light, machines Benoît Fincker
Sound Pascal Charrier, Julien Tamisier and Géraldine Foucault
External advice and manipulation process Hélène Barreau
Plastic collaboration and puppet construction Arnaud Louski-Pane
Construction Benoît Fincker and Laliard
Support on ambulatory proccess Karin Holmström
Costumes Danielle Merope-Gardenier
Administration, production, communication Lola Goret
Greetings Myriam Rouxel, Jean-Louis Larcebeau, Maya-Lune Thieblemont, Gérard Vigneron, Martine Lascar, Juliette Berroterran

production & support

Production Théâtre de l’Entrouvert
Coproductions: Les Théâtres à Aix-en-Provence et Marseille (13) — Le TJP, CDN Strasbourg-Grand Est (67) — L’Espace Jéliote, scène conventionnée pour les arts de la marionnette à Oloron Sainte-Marie (64) — Le Pôle Arts de la Scène à Marseille (13) — La Garance, scène nationale de Cavaillon (84) — Théâtre – Arles (13), scène conventionnée d’intérêt national – art et création/nouvelles écritures — Le Vélo Théâtre, scène conventionnée Théâtre d’objets à Apt (84).
With the support from: la DRAC et de la Région PACA, du Conseil départemental du 84, de la Ville d’Apt, de la SPEDIDAM et de l’ADAMI.