Collaborative and monumental ice performance

CRÉATION forme in-situ 2021

All ages

“Lands” is a participatory installation that represents a human community, through the image of a choir made of ice feet.

The tremors and the fragility of the world are palpable to us today, the catastrophe is no longer a phantasmagorical horizon but a threat at hand. What if this feeling of precariousness, making us more vulnerable, leads us to maintain a reciprocal relationship with our environment?

This future, which until now seemed distant and fictional to us, is happening and through a mirror phenomenon sends us back to our own primitive origins. Contemporary society has to reintegrate a process of regeneration and empathy with its environment, of reinventing a cosmogony.

This installation brings together participants of all ages: adults, children, seniors …

It makes the links between men and between man and nature sensitive by placing man at the heart of cyclical time. It responds to this current need to “re-animate” our relationship with the world.


Conception et realisation Élise Vigneron
Artistic collaboration Eleonora Gimenez
Sound creation Géraldine Foucault
General manager Samson Milcent
Photographer Christophe Loiseau

Production & supports

Production Théâtre de l’Entrouvert
Coproductions La Passerelle, scène nationale de Gap et des Alpes du Sud (05), le théâtre de Bois de l’Aune à Aix-en-Provence (13), le Vélo-Théâtre scène conventionnée théâtre d’objets à Apt (84)
Support GMEM, National Center for Musical Creation, Marseille (13)