Traversées/ Fragments

Puppet theater
& live music

creation 2013
This show is not available anymore for diffusion

For all ages from 8 years old
Duration 30 min

Traversées / Fragments is a short form created from the show TRAVERSÉES.

A female character, in search of her identity is confronted with apparitions, she finds herself alternately young and old, on the border of dream and reality… In an intimate and strange universe, music, images and animated characters meet to invite the spectator to live a sensitive experience.

Travel in the sky of dreams. It is of great poetry, of stunning beauty.

Serge Baudot – avril 2013


Élise Vigneron Puppeteer
Pascal Charrier guitarist alternating with
Emilie Lesbros voice & bass

Production & support

Production Théâtre de l’Entrouvert
With the support from Conseil général de Vaucluse, du Pôle artistique du Pays d’Apt, de la ville d’Apt (84) et du Vélo Théâtre.