French-German creation

Created in 2023

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This project is the result of a collaboration between five actors from the Puppet Theatre of Magdeburg, a stronghold of puppetry, Élise Vigneron from the Théâtre de l’Entrouvert and Julika Mayer. Puppets and puppeteers are invited to a great celebration of the dead and the living, a ritual both primitive and contemporary. This piece is an ode to nature and all living things.

Nourished by the writings of contemporary thinkers such as Vinciane Despret, Donna Haraway, Anna Tsing, Tim Ingold, the piece questions through the prism of the practice of puppeteering our relationship to the world of the living and the non-living.
The crowd of puppets from the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre and the five puppeteers are invited to a great feast of the living and the dead, a ritual both primitive and contemporary. Together, they talk about our common existence, and the link between the human and the organic world.
An ode to nature and life.

The Magdeburg Puppet Theater is a stronghold of the world puppet scene. In 2019, he received the National Theater Award, awarded by the German Center of the International Theater Institute (ITI), as well as the Youth Cultural Award of the State of Saxony-Anhalt. It also organizes the international puppet festival “Blickweschsel” every two years.


Winning project of the Transfabrik 2022 Fund.


WithThe Magdeburg Theatre Ensemble

Conception and direction Élise Vigneron and Julika Mayer
Set and lights Joachim Fleischer
Creation of the soundtrackPascal Charrier, Julien Pontvianne, Ariel Tessier, Cati Delolme
Dramaturgy Petra Szemacha

Production & supports

Creation at the Vélo Théâtre in Apt, at the Magdeburg Puppet Theatre and at Scène 55 in Mougins.
Production Puppentheater Magdebourg, Allemagne
Coproduction Théâtre de l’Entrouvert, Apt (84) ; Velo Théâtre, scène conventionnée, Apt (84)

This project is the 2022 winner of the TRANSFABRIK Fund, a Franco-German fund for the performing arts


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