Theater of images and figures
Wordless deambulatory solo

creation 2009
creation outdoor form 2020

All ages from 12 years old
Duration 55 min

A figure in search of his identity guides the spectators in the traces of his image through an ambulatory and visual form which is based on the text “Thresholds” by Patrick Kermann.

In the fragile and graceful light of a candle, a figure in search of his identity guides the spectators in the footsteps of his image. Chiaroscuro: the doors open, seven thresholds, seven stages cut out in light reveal successively scenes belonging to the territory of the in-between. A narrow passage between dream and reality, the visible and the invisible, presence and absence, life and death …

What light will tear in between? In her house she will never see herself. Neither inside nor outside she will see her image. On the doorstep only. The. Where what is hidden escapes, where what is revealed disappears.
Seuils Patrick Kermann

TRAVERSÉES received in 2011 the Prix du spectacle Innovant and the Prix de la scenography at the International Festival of Lleida in Spain


Directing, scenographies Elise Vigneron
Text Extract from Seuils by Patrick Kermann
With Kristina Dementeva
General manager Aurélien Beylier
Sound creation Pascal Charrier, Julien Tamisier
Construction Elise Vigneron, Gérard Vigneron
Playwrights Stéphanie Farison
Assistant Hélène Barreau
Costume Nadine Galifi
Video Eduardo Gomes de Abreu

Production & support

Production Théâtre de l’Entrouvert
With the support from l’Institut International de la marionnette à Charleville-Mézières (08), le Vélo Théâtre à Apt (84), La Chartreuse – centre national des écritures du spectacle – à Villeneuve Lez Avignon (34) le Département de la Drôme, le Conseil Général de Vaucluse, le Pôle du Sud Luberon, la ville d’Apt (84). International diffusion : l’ONDA (Office nationale de diffusion artistique) and Institut Français & Region-sud.
The takeover of TRAVERSEES in 2020 received financial support from La Passerelle, scène nationale de Gap (05), from the GMEM national center for musical creation in Marseille (13) and from the Institut International de la Marionnette as part of its assistance program for the professional integration of graduates of ESNAM.